Koninklijke Kempische Kynologenclub VZW

47ste Schaal der Kempen

1. Registrations by registered mail will not be accepted.

2. The exhibitor agrees to accept the regulations of the show to accept and to observe these.

3. The exposant stand guarantor for the good health of its / its dog (sick dogs are not allowed on the show)

4. Under the Royal Decree of 17/05/2001 in Belgium, dogs, whose ears were cropped after 01/10/2001 are no longer allowed on dog shows, regardless the country of origin. Law with effect from 01/01/2006, the docking of the tail is prohibited. Art. 4 Law 08/12/1992 BD 18/03/1993 .

5. The exhibitor can be no member of an association not connected at the KKUSH. or an organism not recognized by the FCI.

6. At possible dispute the exhibitor accept the sport-loving judgments done by the KKUSH.

7. The exhibitor undertakes to ensure that his dog does not leave the exhibition before the Main Ring.

8. By sending in the registration form (on-line, by means of fax or by mail) the exhibitor obliges themselves to pay the registration money, even if he or she cannot be present the day of the show.

9. Execute the payments together with sending out the registration form. Indicate to the addition the names of the dogs registered with their pedigree number.

10. On the day of the show, in principle, no payments become accepted anymore. Does this nevertheless happen, then the registration money will be raised with € 15 by registered dog.

11. Make sure you bring your receipts to the exhibition.

12. Charges for bank transfers from abroad without IBAN number may be increased by € 15 due to collection costs.

13. In case of supremacy the organizers represent themselves the right, at all time, to modify the composition of the judges.